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rwcactusprick's Journal
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Saturday, June 17th, 2006
11:37 am
I find it curious in the wake of Zarqawi's death that the main stream media feels compelled to question the authentisity of the documents found at the bomb site but that same media never questioned and in fact insisted on the authenticity of the Dan Rather document just 20 months ago.

So while the media is busy with authenticity the military, spearheaded by the Iraqi army, has conducted a record number of raids based on the intel found in those documents. Indeed the amount of intell that continues to come from the followup raids has left the military with more than they can process. So it appears that the entire insurgency is in the process of being rolled up.

Further, Iraqi oil is now flowing and bringing in much needed dollars to sure up the now fully formed Iraqi government and stabilize the economy. The best, of what's left of the insurgency can do is kill random civilians with car bombs.

I'd say we are seeing the beginning of the end of the war in Iraq. I'd love to hear how you anti war types spin your way out of reality on this issue.
Friday, June 2nd, 2006
6:28 pm
headline o' de day
What strikes me about the current fuss over soldiers killing innocents in Iraq is the lack of context. Almost 1 million members of the armed services have served since spring of '03 and less than 50 have been found guilty in one form or another of a jailable military crime and most of those were guilty of poor judgment more than anything else.

Shock! Twentysomethings guilty of poor judgment. The very idea.

We send our best to fight lunatic cowards from a culture that thinks it's ok to use women and children as human shields. Yet our 'in depth media' can't wait for the facts to surface before screaming WAR CRIMES. And what's worse is half of America actually falls for it.
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
1:38 pm
In light of the recent release of captured Iraqi documents I'd like to ask who if anyone has changed their mind as to whether Iraq had WMD's prior to the war. And if so what was it about the documents that affected your decision. And if you haven't been persuaded by the documents, why not?
Saturday, March 18th, 2006
9:44 pm
Since the dems aren't willing to come up with a national agenda I thought I offer one of my own. Mind you it's the same agenda we hoped the repubs would pursue but politics being what it is...
Naturally I don't expect to be taken seriously. After all the dems are so bent on 'getting Bush' that that has become their default agenda and the nation be damned.

Still, should there be someone sane out there who wants to have a rational discussion I invite you to cherry pick from the list.

1. National defense: The war in Iraq is non-debatable. It must be pursued unless you would like to see more 911's. Our enemies believe we are weak willed and will give up when pressed and after 3 years we are pressed. Loony left dems actually support the idea that weakness is a good idea. From the late Roman Empire to 1939 France history is full of political weakness. It's called loosing and if we loose in Iraq we loose far more than just Iraq.

The real national defense issue that is as yet unaddressed is border security. Immigration is a secondary issue. But they are so interwoven that you can't solve one with addressing the other.

2. The Economy: While the market is back to dot.com bubble levels the national debt is nearing 9,000,000K, that 9 trillion bucks boys and girls, 30K per every American, owed to, well the Chinese for the most part. But not to worry. It's been going on since the 1960's and LBJ's great society. Both parties vote to raise the national debt year in and out, regardless of administration.
That's what you get for socialist/welfare programs. Just wait till the drug plan takes off.

It's not that taking care of the poor is not a good thing: it's that what you subsidize you get more of. Witness our 4th generation welfare gangworld. Nobody wants old people to die for lack of medication anymore than we want kids or the elderly to go hungry. No one wants basic human services to suffer. But the underclass shouldn't be used as an ever-growing voter base.

That the repubs couldn't seem to find more than 1 or 2% of the annual budget to cut really pisses off the voters that put them in office for just that purpose. At that rate it will take 5 to 10 years to eventually balance the budget, after having added 6 to 12 trillion more to the national debt given our current rate of 1/3 of a trillion a year in over spending.

Just as an immigration policy is to national defense so is an energy policy to the economy. There was a small step take today in the senate voted to write a ANWR bill, albeit as a rider to the overall budget bill. In spite of Bush's woodchip public policy the oil companies, to their credit, are quietly expanding production in existing facilities. The reality is that our consumption exceeds our production but the additional domestic production will help. After all, if they don't have gas to sell they ain't makin' money.

3. Well there is no three. If we could get a unified government to act on the first two the rest will take care of itself. This congress though repub controlled is hardly unified. The RINO's constitute enough of a voting block in Congress to keep most things in a business as usual state: the very condition they were elected to push out of the way.

Hell, if a deal could be struck on national unity on the war then I think we could live with the border problem provided we'd focused on arab infiltrators.

That leaves the national budget. There is no reason to believe that the repubs will get serious on balancing the budget and even less for the dems.

But should you dems want to get serious then you have my offering of an agenda to get my vote. It's no longer about being a dem or repub but rather about wanting a sane government that has as an agenda: national defense and solvency.

One of the reasons Bush is down in the polls is that a lot of repub voters are pissed that the administration hasn't delivered. No arm twisting in congress, no p.r. worth a damn and not a single veto.

Finally, since I don't see the dems suddenly getting a brain transplant, I know they will cut and run in Iraq and outspend the repubs so I have no choice but to vote against them and hold my nose rather than sit on my hands and give the crazies a win by default.

Oh, just a word or two about global warming. Since the last Ice Age, the Pleistocene, which ended about 10,000 years ago we have been in what is known as an inter-glacial warming period called the Holocene. Through a varity of means we have been able to reconstruct temperature fluctuations of how hot and cold the earth has been during the Holocene. Current temperature fluctuations fit well within the ranges seen over the last 10,000 years. In other words, it has been much hotter and colder since the last Ice Age that it is now. The global warming scar is a hoax meant to prey on the fears of the scientifically illiterate and is nothing more than another politically manufactured issue. Al Gore, call your therapist.
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